World Happiness at Work Summit in Mexico

Tal Ben Shahar, one of the world’s greatest happiness gurus

The first edition of Wohaw - World Happiness at Work Summit was held on November 14 and 15 at the Expo Santa Fe Convention Center, Mexico City, the event was organized by Empresas Más Felices.

The World Happiness at Work Summit (WOHAW) is a movement that seeks to change the world of work for one + healthy , + conscious , + human and + happy. For 2 days the WOHAW  got to vibrate all the senses of its attendees, live experiences full of learning, fun, networking, and collaboration, as it brought together the greatest leaders in the world of Happiness and Wellbeing, with a single objective: offer attendees tools build a healthier and happier working world.

This event was aimed at CEO S, Managing Directors, Human Resources leaders, coaches, consultants, facilitators, collaborators and anyone passionate about helping people realize their full potential in their personal and professional lives, creating happy work environments, understanding how human beings can flourish and progress in their workplaces, learning from science about positive psychology, well-being and organizational happiness, and finally implementing new initiatives, different and disruptive at work.

During the opening of the event, Nancy Martinez, Creator of WOHAW mentioned that people is not treated fairly, they are not happy, 74% of them have work anxiety,  she pointed out that depression and burn out will be considered as diseases by the Mexican Institute of Social Security (IMSS) that will have an impact in the organizations.

“We must prepare the organizations in order to make happy, positive, and productive work environments, creating a higher profitability, that´s why we create WOHAW, which has a goal to start  to transform the organizational world for one healthier, happier, and more positive, thanks for being here, I wish you vibrate with all your senses, watch out, we brought speakers from all over the world, Let´s get started”. Said Mrs. Martinez.

She invited to stage to Armando Zúñiga President of Coparmex, who remarked that if the people are really happy, they will make happy to the customers, During the Covid pandemic, there is a shortage of staff and increased turnover of personnel, the companies that are creative in making happy the employees, are the ones that will succeed.

“ If we invest in the programs to make people happy, our businesses will be profitable” he pointed out.

Also, Diego Ibarra, PR Vice President of Grupo Acir talked to the audience as well.

He noted that we must always seek deep, lasting, and authentic relationships, in personal life as in the life of companies, everything is based on relationships.

“You can understand your personal life, your balance, and your success as the quality of the relationships you have and in a company in the same way, you can understand the products or services based on the quality of the relationships that exist internally with suppliers, with teams, between clients, those relationships are based on love, on empathy, we have to love all people unconditionally”. He said.

WOHAW counted on the presence of Tal Ben Shahar as a special guest, an authority in the fields of positive psychology and leadership, one of the world’s greatest experts and happiness gurus who talked about The Happiness: Profitability For Businesses. During his keynote, Shajar mentioned that happiness matters, because it brings higher creativity and innovation,  increased engagement and motivation to the companies, better overall performance, better physical health, and improved relationships/teamwork, happiness is a good investment, he remarked.

He talked about the concept of anti-fragility, which is the opposite of fragility, and commented that some conditions that foster anti-fragility are giving us the permission to be human, also recover from stress, stress is not bad, the bad thing is the lack of recovery. Tal suggested resting, meditating, exercising and also giving, doing acts of charity, being kind to others and pointed out that the key to extraordinary leadership is to LISTEN,  to give your attention to others.

The program was composed of lectures about diverse topics related to well-being and happiness at work given by renowned international speakers, some of them: Luis Gallardo, founder of World Happiness Foundation with the topic Happytalism, Lars Kure Juul, Trusted Advisor, HR Executive & Author with the theme: Organizational Happiness and The Power of Belong To.

Carolina Limón, HR Director Mexico at The Walt Disney Company, with the subject: The Happiest Company in The World, Ena Torres, Human Resources Director  at Mercado Libre, with the topic: How to Get Happy Collaborators, Nancy Martinez, CEO of Grupo LIVE, Founder of Empresas + Felices and Creator of WOHAW, with the theme: Indicators of Profitability In Organizational Happiness, Dr. Nirdosh Kohra, Founder of de Bodhi Medicine / Conscious Medicine and Co-Founder of Path of Meditation with the topic: Maintaining Health And Vitality At Work.

The event had more than 15 International Speakers, 20 positive sensory experiences, 30 fun booths, a Networking Party, magic moments, unexpected surprises, and contagious music.

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